Newest Developments on Michael Bunting's Contract Reveal Some Bad News For The Leafs Forward

Published June 10, 2023 at 10:53
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Toronto's new GM, Brad Treliving, faces the challenge of figuring out what to do with soon-to-be free agent Michael Bunting.

Bunting has been performing exceptionally well for Toronto on a low-paying contract, but now he's due for a big raise. Treliving is considering all possibilities and hasn't made any decisions yet.

No Negociations Yet Between the Leafs and Bunting

According to a recent report by Leafs journalist David Alter, there haven't been any discussions between Michael Bunting and the Leafs management about extending his contract since last off-season. The silence from the new management suggests that Bunting might not be staying with the team.

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"Michael bunting and the Leafs have yet to have any contact discussions since the end of the last season , not a huge surprise given the leafs just hired a new gm but it should be interesting to see how this plays out this offseason."

It's not difficult to understand why these discussions haven't happened if Bunting is asking for a significant increase.

Another Alternative?

Max Domi is being talked about on social media as a potential replacement for Bunting, and he could be a more affordable option. Domi recently played for Chicago and then joined Dallas. His strong connection to Toronto and his father's legacy shouldn't be ignored.

Domi's demands are expected to be lesser than Bunting's, both in terms of contract length and salary. He might show interest in returning to his hometown this summer. Domi's aggressive and confrontational playing style could fill the gap if Bunting decides to leave, while still maintaining his ability to score goals.

Let's not forget that Domi had a great season with Montreal a few years ago, scoring more than 70 points, and we saw flashes of that same performance in Dallas this season. If given the opportunity to play alongside stars like Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner, he could regain that form and bring a spark to the team.

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