Reporter Reveals New Possible Destination for Matt Murray

Published June 10, 2023 at 2:59 PM
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Murray out of Toronto?

What could happen to Matt Murray next? In a recent blog post, we discussed the possibilities of him being bought out or traded while he is in Toronto.

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An article by Jonas Siegel in The Athletic provided some important details.

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"For one thing, Murray has a 10-team no-trade clause. The pool of teams that might be interested in bringing him and his contract aboard figures to be small anyway. It might get even smaller if Murray's veto power comes into play.

"Another potential problem on the trade front: Murray is owed $6 million in salary (and another $2 million from the Senators). That's a lot of cash."

Aside from concerns about his age and injuries, teams interested in acquiring Murray would need to think about the financial implications.

Murray to Follow Dubas?

Siegel suggested that Kyle Dubas, who is now in charge of hockey operations in Pittsburgh, might consider bringing Murray back to the Penguins.

Dubas has always believed in Murray's talent, and with Tristan Jarry's contract about to end, the Penguins might be looking for a new goalie. It's also worth noting that Murray had his best moments in Pittsburgh, where he won two Stanley Cups.

It would be interesting if Dubas could convince his former team to take Murray back. However, it's unlikely that he would do it as a favor.

"I mean, this one is almost too perfect, isn't it? Dubas, a true Murray believer, is now running the show in Pittsburgh. The Penguins might need another goalie with Tristan Jarry set to become a free agent.

And of course, it was in Pittsburgh that Murray shined brightest, winning those two Cups. It would be rather ironic if Dubas squeezed an asset out of his old team to take on Murray. Or would he just, you know, take him as a favor? (Doubtful.) "

If a trade is going to happen, it would be most practical for it to take place before the free agent market opens on July 1st. The draft could be a good opportunity for such a transaction.

Do you believe Murray will end up back with the Penguins?

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