Shanahan Turns to Bettman Amidst Surrounding Controversy

Published May 21, 2023 at 9:30

Speculations Amidst the Shocking Decision of Toronto Maple Leafs

Shanahan has been extremely quiet regarding his future not only with the Leafs, but also with hockey in general after the controversy with Kyle Dubas, where it was revealed his reasoning for actually firing Dubas, was very petty. Recent reports now suggest that Shanahan will be turning to Gary Bettman for advice on this matter.

The Surprising Departure of Kyle Dubas

Dubas being fired was not surprising for anyone, the original narrative was that he was fired after the playoffs for demanding a 2-3 million dollar raise while he thought he had job security. It was later revealed that another one of the reasons he was fired, was simply because of shanahans personal feelings about Dubas and him opening up to the public about his struggles. This revelations bothered a lot of fans, and turned them against shanahan, demanding for his dismissal.

Looking for a Replacement

Finding a successor to fill Dubas' shoes will be no easy task. Shanahan is determined to ensure that the best possible candidate takes up the role of Dubas, who helped breathe new life into Toronto. However, unlike before, it's unlikely that another inexperienced candidate will be considered for the Leafs.

Potential Candidate for the Position

One name that's frequently appearing in the Leafs search for a new GM is Brad Treliving, the departing Flames General Manager. The 53-year-old has held the Flames GM position since 2014. Eric Francis, the Flames reporter, confirms that Calgary, who will maintain contractual control over Treliving until June 30, has permitted teams, including Toronto, to discuss potential vacancies with him.

Shanahan's Consultation with Gary Bettman

Based on a report done by James Mirtle from The Athletic's the rumour is that shanahan will go to Bettman concerning the search for a new GM.

Anticipation for the Next Hire

Shanahan has remained silent on the matter of their next appointment, letting the shocking move create some buzz. Nevertheless, it's anticipated that Toronto is seeking someone experienced, someone who can take what Dubas crafted and transform those elements into an all star team.

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Shanahan Turns to Bettman Amidst Surrounding Controversy

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