The Future Destination of Kyle Dubas Appears to Already Be Decided

Published May 20, 2023 at 8:51 PM

The former Leafs GM looks like the hottest commodity on the market but he may not be heading to the team everybody expects him to go to.

Kyle Dubas' Destination Could Already Be Decided

While everybody expects Pittsburgh to be the next home of Kyle Dubas, it may not be the Penguins that get the top-tier GM.

Leafs insider Luke Fox negated the idea of Dubas to Pittsburgh by saying this:

"We're told the idea that Dubas would take over in Pittsburgh was more smoke than fire."

One source close to the situation actually told Fox where he thinks Dubas will be heading:

"I think Kyle's waiting for Ottawa"

This would be quite interesting given how Ottawa is the closest geographic team to the Leafs and they are also a division rival. This could be a sign of Dubas wanting revenge on some characters in the Leafs front office like team president Brendan Shanahan.

Why Dubas Could Be Better In Ottawa

Ottawa is getting new ownership very shortly and if they give Dubas full control of what he wants to do, it could result in Dubas unleashing his full plan. If Dubas does not have a team president or ownership holding him back from making the moves he needs to make, he could lead a team to a cup.

We saw what he was able to do while being held back and if he is open to whatever he wants to do, he could make a dynasty.

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The Future Destination of Kyle Dubas Appears to Already Be Decided

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