Pierre LeBrun reveals key information about Mitch Marner and the Leafs

Published May 20, 2023 at 6:11 PM

The Maple Leafs have been a real disappointment to their fans this season.

After a frustrating loss to the Florida Panthers in the second round of the playoffs, many people are expecting major changes to the franchise.

CapFriendly recently revealed that 10 Maple Leafs players will be given full autonomy this summer, giving Toronto's next general manager (whoever that may be) a tough task ahead.

Trade rumors have already begun to circulate around some of Toronto's key players, and Pierre LeBrun, in an interview with The Athletic, recently suggested that Mitch Marner could be one of those traded.

LeBrun believes that Tavares will not want to waive his no-movement clause, Matthews is likely to stay and sign a long-term contract with the Leafs, and Nylander is not as attractive due to the end of his contract next summer.

As LeBrun puts it:

"And then there's Mitch Marner. Because he has two years left on his contract, his restraining order doesn't kick in until July 1 and there would be no extension in play, this is the cleanest deal on the table. Teams would see natural value in Marner having two more years. And the Leafs would have the entire NHL market at their disposal before July 1."

If Marner does indeed end up being traded away from Toronto, any team looking to acquire him would likely have to include an impact defenseman in their offer. However, all of this is pure speculation at this point as it is still unclear whether Dubas will remain as general manager or not.

LeBrun's comments have certainly raised the eyebrows of hockey fans across the league - especially Montreal Canadiens fans who can now dare to dream about a potential trade involving Marner and the Habs.

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