Ryan O'Reilly Finally Opens Up About His Future in Toronto

Julien Trekker
April 15, 2023  (12:33)

The acquisition of Ryan O'Reilly was a significant move for the Leafs, and General Manager Kyle Dubas was able to pull it off in large part due to O'Reilly's upcoming UFA status at the end of the season.

Ryan O'Reilly Finally Opens Up About His Future in Toronto

During a recent interview, O'Reilly opened up about his experience playing in Toronto and how the organization has impressed him:
"It's impressive. I always knew there was lots of staff here and resources. Getting here and seeing it firsthand, it's at first a little overwhelming. Once you kind of get a handle and get to know everyone, it's pretty amazing, the help that you have to assist your play. Like myself coming back from injury and just every facet of your meals to everything. It's just so elite and above everything I've seen before."

When asked if these perks would influence his decision when he becomes a free agent this summer, O'Reilly had this to say:
"Yeah. Obviously, yeah, that's for sure. We got playoffs still to come, but, yeah, there's not a bad thing I can say for this organization. They do everything the right way, and if something doesn't work here, they're changing, right? They're always looking at ways to get better. And that's the reason why it is such an amazing franchise."

At 32 years old, Ryan O'Reilly still has plenty of great hockey left in him before he decides to hang up his skates. The big question now is where he will end up playing next season. Will the Maple Leafs be able to secure a contract with him, or will another team swoop in to claim this talented center?