Toews' Teammate Reveals Real Reason for the Captain's Departure

Published April 14, 2023 at 8:52 PM
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The iconic three-time Stanley Cup Champion Jonathan Toews has played his final game as a Chicago Blackhawk. With the team's current trajectory, it seemed unlikely that a player of Toews' caliber would remain through a complete rebuild, particularly without longtime teammate Patrick Kane.

While yesterday's announcement appeared to suggest that Toews made the decision himself, teammate MacKenzie Entwistle has revealed a different story.

Entwistle Reveals Why Toews is Leaving Chicago

Entwistle shared that the Blackhawks' front office was actually the driving force behind Toews' departure, as they didn't plan to re-sign the captain.

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"MacKenzie Entwistle said Jonathan Toews told the guys in Seattle that the Blackhawks wouldn't be re-signing him. Nothing formal, just casual talks with teammates in the meal room."

The unexpected news that it was the front office who decided to part ways with their esteemed captain has left fans questioning if there were any bitter farewells. Some even wonder if letting go of one of the franchise's key figures is a wise move.

As of now, it remains uncertain whether Toews will continue his NHL career or choose to retire. Regardless, his number is destined to be immortalized in Chicago's rafters.

As reported on Hockey Patrol - True Reasoning for Toews Leaving Chicago Revealed
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