Rumor: Insider Reveals Patrick Kane Only Wants The Maple Leafs

Published October 26, 2023 at 7:05 PM

Patrick Kane has been out of action since getting hip resurfacing surgery in the offseason to repair a damaged hip. The 34-year-old still wants to play though and he's been gearing up for a potential return. Reportedly, he may be interesting in signing in Toronto.


Kane To Toronto?

NHL reporter Larry Brooks reported that a Kane-Rangers reunion is essentially off the table. However, he also stated that the Maple Leafs are 'intrigued' by Kane. Brooks does bring up a pertinent point with Kane though, and that is cap space.

"Another issue would be the amount Kane would want to sign for and if the Rangers would have the salary cap space. Would he take a one-year deal around $3 million? Does he want a multi-year deal?"

Cap Considerations Make Kane Negotiations Difficult

It is probably safe to say that Kane will not be getting an offer for a multi-year deal after missing so much time and coming back from a major surgery as a 34-year-old. Similarly, he likely will not be getting paid like he's been used to in his career but even a league minimum salary would have a higher than expected cap hit. As NHL cap penalties are prorated based on the number of games left in the season, Kane's cap hit will automatically be higher than his actual salary this season assuming he does eventually sign. Not to mention the fact that most teams in the league are already up against the cap and Toronto is no exception.

Furthermore, the Leafs could probably use help more on defense than at forward. Their current forward group is the deepest its been in years and it does not necessarily have room for another defensive reliability. Especially with the way the Leafs have been giving up goals this season.

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Rumor: Insider Reveals Patrick Kane Only Wants The Maple Leafs

Where will Kane sign?

Toronto8246.1 %
Buffalo2916.3 %
Detroit3016.9 %
Somewhere else3720.8 %
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