Disgruntled Star Could Be On The Move In A Massive Three Team Trade

Published October 26, 2023 at 3:29 PM

The NHL has been off to a slow start when it comes to trades. This could be changing though with rumors of a massive trade in the works between three teams.

New Home For Disgruntled Star


It has been widely reported that Vancouver Canucks star Conor Garland is unhappy with the Canucks. He has struggled to produce and his contract is not worth his level of play. As a result, he has been permitted to seek a trade.

Garland also changed agents in an effort to move things along on the trade front. Since all of this has become public several teams have been linked to Garland. Today another wild scenario has been added to the mix.

Islanders In On Garland

According to a new source named Eklund, the New York Islanders are looking into adding Conor Garland. The proposed deal would involve the Montreal Canadiens helping out for salary retention then of course the Vancouver Canucks who Garland currently plays for.

The Islanders and the Canadiens are discussing, and I've also heard rumors about the Bruins.

The trade would allow the Islanders to continue building their roster in pursuit of a championship. The Canucks would likely get a young piece or two along with a draft. Finally, the Canadiens would get a late-round pick for their troubles of retaining some salary.

While this trade is far from official or close it is likely that Conor Garland is traded shortly and that some of the teams mentioned are the frontrunners.

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Disgruntled Star Could Be On The Move In A Massive Three Team Trade

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