NHL Network Disrespects Mitch Marner With Newest Rankings

Published August 14, 2023 at 9:18

The NHL is in a dead period of the offseason. Now that Erik Karlsson has been traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins there is not much going on in the NHL world.

To fill time the NHL Network is releasing top 20 rankings for different positions. Today was the wingers and Mitch Marner was heavily underrated by the NHL Network crew.

Marner Not A Top 5 Right Winger

In the NHL Network rankings, Mitch Marner fell to 6 behind David Pastrnak, Matthew Tkachuk, Nikita Kucherov, Mikko Rantanen, and Jason Robertson

Here are the Top 20 Wingers in the NHL right now!

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While all of these players are very good Mitch Marner has an argument to be better than just about all of them. Last season Marner had 30 goals and 99 points. This was all while superstar Auston Matthews only played 74 total games. He has been one of the elite playmakers in the league since entering as well

Playoffs (though he was better this past postseason) and contract aside for a moment, let's take a moment to truly appreciate Mitch Marner's talent.

The best playmaking score over the last three seasons.

And just so happens to also be an *elite* defensive player.

Marner's Elite Two-Way Game Underrated By NHL Network

Another aspect of Mitch Marner's game that has been underrated is his defensive abilities. While defense isn't a primary responsibility of a winger Marner does his part better than most in the league. Including being first in takeaways by any winger since 2018.

Mitch Marner. Leads all wingers in points since 2020-2021, 1st in takeaways since 2018, and a selke finalist

Mitch Marner is one of the most underrated players in today's NHL. Both by Leafs fans and the NHL as a whole. Marner is an elite two-way playmaker which is incredibly rare to find in today's higher-scoring NHL.

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NHL Network Disrespects Mitch Marner With Newest Rankings

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