NHL Insider Believes Marner can Make More than Matthews

Published July 18, 2023 at 10:15
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Insider Believes Marner can Make North of $14 Million

David Pagnotta who is a well known insider in the NHL believes that if Marner has another very productive year he could be in for a very big raise next off season.

"If [Marner] puts up another 100 point season or close to it, and Nylander's getting $10M and Auston's getting $14M... $15M for Mitch?"

It's starting already.. but also, Mitch can't make more than Matthews. Right?

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Matthews is currently asking for around $14 million on a 4-5 year deal.

If Marner puts up another 100 point season would you be ok with him receiving $15 million a year?

Marner's Importance

Marner plays a very key role for the Leafs as he is a main playmaker and penalty kill player for the squad.


He now has a 30-goal season under his belt as he collected 30 goals and 99 total points in 80 games last season.

This off season is going to play a massive role in deciding the future of the core 4 in Toronto.

As Seen on HockeyPatrol - Insider Believes Mitch Marner Will Ask For More Money Than Auston Matthews
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