BREAKING: Ron MacLean Set to Return to Hockey Night in Canada

Published July 17, 2023 at 7:12 PM

A pillar of Canadian Hockey will be making his return to Hockey Night in Canada after all.

Shocking Comeback

Ron MacLean is officially returning to his host role at Hockey Night in Canada for another season.

Despite rampant rumors that MacLean and others on HNIC would be victims of layoffs from his bosses at Sportsnet, MacLean announced today that he will return once again for Saturday nights.

Tumultuous Tenure

Rin MacLean has been the host of HNIC almost uninterrupted since he took the role in 1986, and his popularity continued to rise year after year on the job.

MacLean became famous for his partnership on Coach's Corner with ex-NHL coach Don Cherry.

Cherry would repeatedly cause controversy during their first intermission segments, and was finally fired in November of 2019 for criticizing immigrants for not wearing Remembrance Day poppies

Cherry used the phrase "you people", which was widely seen as the catalyst for his departure.

MacLean's popularity never recovered from the incident with Cherry supporters saying that he should have defended Cherry, while others pointing out that he had enabled Cherry's behavior by staying silent during Cherry's rant.

Many people in the hockey world were expecting MacLean to be let go this summer in pursuit of a fresh start in the host's chair.

It remains to be seen if MacLean can return to his popularity of years past.
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BREAKING: Ron MacLean Set to Return to Hockey Night in Canada

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