We Now Know Why O'Reilly Left the Leafs

Published July 17, 2023 at 6:22 PM
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The Reason O'Reilly Left

At the past deadline Kyle Dubas paid a lot to acquire the services of Ryan O'Reilly and Noel Acciari.

O'Reilly played 13 games and collected 11 points with 9 points in 11 playoff games with the Maple Leafs.

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But choose to sign a 4-year deal with the Nashville Predators why did he leave?

The Toronto Market

The market in Toronto is very hard market to play in as all eyes are on you are your production.


All though O'Reilly was praised during his time as a Leaf but the market might not be made for him.

Here is what he said:

Not everyone is meant for the spotlight

The pressure of the Leaf's market affected O'Reilly and he wanted away from all that.

Nashville is a big market but a no where near the size of Toronto's.
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