Morgan Rielly Challenges Gary Bettman's Decision

Elliot Ben Jacob
June 23, 2023  (12:56)

NHL's Controversial Decision

In a surprising move yesterday, NHL, under the leadership of Gary Bettman, decided to take a step back from engaging with major political movements. This action is seen as a deviation from the course of progressive values that many hold dear.

Specialty Jerseys No Longer in Use

The shocking decision involves the discontinuation of special warm-up jerseys. These include the Pride jerseys, Military jerseys, Indigenous jerseys, and the popular Hockey Fights Cancer jerseys. These specialty jerseys, once a staple, will no longer be donned by NHL players.

The NHL's decision has been interpreted as a major step backward, seemingly out of touch with the trend towards more inclusive and progressive actions.

Players React to the Decision

In response to this decision, players like Morgan Rielly from the Maple Leafs have openly expressed their dissatisfaction and continued support for the movements these jerseys represented.
Rielly emphatically stated:
"With issues like these, with movements like these, I will support them no matter what, whether we wear jerseys or not... That support will not waver."
This quote, marked with the hashtag #Leafs, shows that players' commitment to these causes won't be diminished by the absence of these jerseys.
It's comforting to note that, in spite of Bettman's decision to eliminate the specialty jerseys, players are dedicated to continuing their support for these significant causes.

Refocusing on the Game or Ignoring the Issues?

While Bettman's decision may aim to refocus the attention on the game itself, the move is criticized for turning a blind eye to contemporary issues. His approach is seen as selfish and disregards the opportunity to use the sport as a platform for awareness and support.