Former Maple Leafs Star Forward Confirms Desire to Return to Toronto

Wade Messier
June 22, 2023  (10:47 PM)

The Toronto Maple Leafs will have a lot to tackle this offseason, but a recent interview from a former Leafs star may have just made things more interesting. Will Brad Treliving be able to reunite this veteran forward with the city of Toronto?

Van Riemsdyk Wants Back in Toronto

James Van Riemsdyk recently gave an interview with the Leafs Nation, where they discussed his time in Toronto, as well as his feelings towards returning to the city someday. His answer was quite telling.
"We'll see what happens, ultimately you wanna be in a place where you're wanted. Speaking out of experience of being there last time, it was amazing, unbelievable, and something I'll always cherish. Going off of that, that was all great... most importantly you want to be a good fit with the organization and the coaching staff and how you fit in with all that stuff. We'll see what happens in the next couple of weeks but my experience playing in Toronto was something I'll always cherish and something I'll look back at fondly and definitely something I really enjoyed." - JVR
JVR last played for the Maple Leafs in the 2017-18 season, before making his way back to Philly for his second stint with the Flyers. It would only make sense that he would return to Toronto for a second stint there as well.
While he may not be the player he once was, JVR would still be a great depth option for the Leafs this summer. It's rare that you find a player who truly loves a city as much as JVR loves Toronto, and the leafs should jump on the opportunity to bring him back.