Great News for Ryan O'Reilly and the Toronto Maple Leafs

Published June 22, 2023 at 8:14 PM
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The hockey world is abuzz, centering its discussions around one prominent question: Will Ryan O'Reilly keep calling Toronto home? Fans and pundits alike are split on the subject, leaving many on the edge of their seats.

Let's face it, the Leafs are up against a tight cap. For O'Reilly to remain a Leaf, he may have to make a considerable financial compromise.

But in an interesting twist, recent developments suggest that may not be entirely off the table.

As the window for free agency nears, it's safe to assume that the narrative around O'Reilly is set to gather more momentum.

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A recent report indicates that O'Reilly has yet to slam the door shut on Treliving. Renowned sports journalist, Pierre LeBrun, lends some credence to this claim:

"When you heard O'Reilly on locker cleanout day it sounded like he was moving on, but what we found out yesterday was that O'Reilly and his camp have not closed the door on returning to the Leafs.

On top of that, Brad Treliving has reached out to them and said they have interest in talking about it. Most Leaf fans thought he was gone, but he's got a pretty open mind about it.

Treliving really likes O'Reilly and what he brings, but at the end of the day it would have to make sense in the cap puzzle for the Leafs. Both sides are supposed to talk again next week in Nashville."

The key players in this decision, of course, are Leafs' General Manager Brad Treliving and O'Reilly's team. For now, we patiently wait.

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