Gary Bettman Makes Shocking Announcement Regarding NHL Specialty Jerseys

Published June 22, 2023 at 6:16 PM

The NHL has made the Controversial decision to ban themed jerseys for the next NHL season. This is after a season full of controversy regarding Pride Jerseys in particular.

NHL Bans Themed Jerseys

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman made the Announcement that the NHL will no longer have specialty jersey worn by players during warmup.

This means players will no longer wear Pride, Military, Lunar New Year and other themed jerseys during warmup.

Players like Ivan Provorov, Eric and Marc Staal and others refused to wear Pride jerseys citing religious opposition.

There was also concern among Russian players that wearing Pride jerseys could put their families back in Russia in danger.

Russian law forbids citizens to take part in "promoting" LGBTQ+ people.

What Comes Next?

This is going to be a polarizing issue, as some will be happy that Pride jerseys are gone, while some others will accuse the NHL of pandering to a select group of players.

There will definitely be a group of people who are vehemently against the removal of Military themed jerseys.

Themed Nights are expected to continue and fans can still buy a specialty jersey if they wish.
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