Mitch Marner Finally Gets Justice For His Terrifying Car-Jacking Incident

Published March 10, 2023 at 3:39 PM
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Mitch Marner's already tough situation of being eliminated in the first round of playoffs for the sixth year in a row was made worse by a frightening incident a few days later. While enjoying a night out with his fiancé, Marner was threatened with a gun and had his car stolen. Fortunately, Marner and his fiancé were unharmed.

Marner's Carjackers Finally Arrested

The Toronto Police announced that two of the three individuals responsible for the carjacking incident that occurred 10 months ago have been apprehended. In addition, Marner's Range Rover has been recovered. The suspects, a 24-year-old from Brampton and a 21-year-old from Toronto, were linked to both Marner's carjacking and another carjacking that occurred a month earlier.

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Despite the impact that the incident had on Marner, he has shown resilience and determination by not allowing it to affect his performance on the ice. In fact, he is currently leading the team in points and assists, with an impressive total of 79 points and 56 assists.

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