Panthers Top Prospect's Career in Jeopardy After Serious Injury

Published March 10, 2023 at 2:41 PM
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While concussions are certainly concerning, the most alarming injuries that can occur in hockey are those involving the neck. Such injuries have the potential to result in lifelong paralysis and even threaten one's life. Jakub Kos, a prospect for the Florida Panthers, has unfortunately experienced this firsthand.

Panthers 2021 Draft Pick Suffers Serious Neck Injury

Although Jakub Kos was not the most highly regarded player during the 2021 draft, he was selected in the sixth round.

He exceeded expectations by earning a silver medal with Czechia at the World Juniors and subsequently climbed the ranks within the Florida Panthers prospect pool, which was already quite sparse.

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However, his promising trajectory was abruptly halted on March 3rd when he sustained a fractured neck as a result of being thrown head-first into the boards.

The individual who caused injury to Kos, aged 19, was ejected from from the game and subjected to a suspension of four games. It is regrettable that Kos's season has come to an end, and there are concerns that this injury may mark the end of his career.

So for now, not career ending.

Hopefully there are some positive updates on this story as Kos recovers, and hopefully he will have a fantastic NHL career.

Source: Blade of Steel
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