Maple Leafs Need to Let Auston Matthews Recover Before Things Get Worse

Published March 10, 2023 at 8:39
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It is widely known that Auston Matthews has been dealing with injuries throughout the entire season. Given that the Leafs have secured a playoff berth, they must now weigh the options regarding Matthews' physical condition.

Leafs Need to Prioritize Matthews' Health

Over the last ten games, Auston Matthews has scored four goals, which is a lower rate than expected from the reigning Rocket Richard and Hart trophy winner who has been performing at a 32 goal pace. Although some of this can be attributed to a decrease in shooting percentage from 17.3% in 2021-22 to 12.3%, it does not fully account for the drop in performance. Additionally, Matthews has not displayed the same level of defensive prowess as he did in the previous season. His expected goals for (xGF) percentage has been hovering around 50% during the last ten games, which is even lower than his season average of 57%.

It is evident that Matthews' injury is worsening, and the team should prioritize his recovery by allowing him to rest. When considering whether to prioritize home-ice advantage in the first round over the health of their first-line superstar center, the answer should be obvious.

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Furthermore, the long-term effects of Matthews' season-long strain on his health are concerning, and the management's lack of transparency in handling the case is disappointing. The best course of action is to let Matthews recover fully and figure out the rest later.

Source: Editor in Leaf
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