Matthew Knies' Teammates Praise Him After Debut

Published April 11, 2023 at 2:19 PM
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When injury sidelined Sam Lafferty at the last minute, 2021 second-round pick Matthew Knies found himself thrust into his first NHL game last night.

Knies Adapts to NHL Pace

Despite the challenges of adjusting to the NHL's speed, Knies held his own and even delivered a few solid hits. Fans quickly took notice when he effectively pinned the polarizing Marc Staal against the boards.

Following the game, teammates had nothing but praise for the rookie. Fellow Arizonan Auston Matthews shared his thoughts:

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"He fit in incredibly well. You can just see his size and strength out there, and he made plays. It's not easy to jump into an NHL game right away, especially a game like tonight where they have a lot on the he looked really good."

"We're trying to do something special here, and we believe he can come in and help us. It's just getting him acclimated right away, and tonight he didn't look out of place."

Goaltender Ilya Samsonov joined in the compliments:

"Not easy for him today, especially for a Florida game. It's not easy to start, but he's looking good. He's fighting on the board. I like how he plays. He's so nice."

Team captain John Tavares also tipped his hat to the newcomer:

"I was really impressed. Not an easy situation to come into. Obviously, you know, a whirlwind 72 hours for can see the ability, the size and strength, and the puck handling and playmaking ability that he's going to have..."

Head coach Sheldon Keefe shared his admiration for the rookie who, just five days prior, was playing in the NCAA:

"The pace didn't faze him at all. His feet were moving. He made some smart plays with the puck. There were a couple of mistakes out there, but I think some mistakes are good. You can learn through that and adjust, which I thought he did. He did a nice job."

With the glowing endorsements from his teammates and head coach, the question remains: will Knies secure a spot on the roster for Game 1?

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