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Connor Bedard Involved in Massive Trade Proposal

Published April 11, 2023 at 9:52

The hockey world is abuzz with excitement over the new sensation, Connor Bedard.

It's no secret that whichever organization he ends up with, he will make a significant impact. When given the chance to acquire a player of his caliber, it's tempting to pull the trigger.

Major Trade Proposal Sends Suzuki and Caufield for Bedard

A major francophone radio station recently conducted a Twitter survey asking Montreal Canadiens fans if they would consider trading Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield for Bedard if Montreal didn't win the draft lottery.

"If you were Kent Hughes, would you trade Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield for Connor Bedard?"

With only a couple of hours left in the survey on Tuesday morning, over 5,000 people had responded, and the results were eye-opening:

41% said they would make the trade; 59% said they wouldn't.

The majority of respondents seem to understand the significant value of Suzuki and Caufield as a tandem. Their on-ice chemistry and off-ice camaraderie make them more than just players. In Montreal, their popularity is on the rise, and fans are reluctant to see either or both of them traded away, even for a potential superstar like Bedard.

While Bedard has the potential to change the face of the franchise, Suzuki and Caufield are already making a significant impact. If the Canadiens win the draft lottery and acquire Bedard, a lineup featuring all three could make Montreal one of the most formidable teams in the NHL.

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April 11   |   120 answers
Connor Bedard Involved in Massive Trade Proposal

Would you trade Cole Caufield and Nick Suzuki to get Connor Bedard?

Yes5747.5 %
No4940.8 %
Only Caufield + picks75.8 %
Only Suzuki + picks75.8 %
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