Leah Hextall Gets Called Out By Colleague After Stealing Legendary Catchphrase

Published April 10, 2023 at 4:42 PM

Leah Hextall, an ESPN broadcaster and member of the famous Hextall hockey family, is no stranger to controversy. While some of the criticism she receives is unwarranted, this time, the backlash is justified.

Hextall Criticized for Stealing Legendary Call

Despite her connections to the hockey world as the cousin of Ron Hextall and niece of Dennis Hextall, Leah often faces accusations of nepotism and a lack of understanding of the sport. She has also been known to ask tasteless questions during interviews.

One unspoken rule in hockey broadcasting is to respect and honor the legends and their iconic calls. Memorable phrases such as Joe Bowen's Holy Mackinaw! and the timeless Off the Floor and On the Board! are pieces of hockey history.

However, Hextall seemed to ignore this unwritten code when she used legendary broadcaster John Forslund's famous call, Hey, hey, what do you say, during a recent broadcast:

Her co-broadcaster Eddie Olczyk swiftly called her out for not giving Forslund proper credit, stating:

"If you are going to imitate somebody, like on a goal call, just make sure you give that person credit. That's fair. That's the way you do it. Those are the ground rules."

It's essential for Hextall to learn from this incident and avoid making similar mistakes in the future.

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Leah Hextall Gets Called Out By Colleague After Stealing Legendary Catchphrase

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