Mark Giordano Shows Sportsmanship and Helps Out Opponent After Huge Hit

Published April 10, 2023 at 12:35
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Mark Giordano, with 1,101 games under his belt in the NHL, has a well-earned reputation as a leader on and off the ice. As a long-time captain of the Calgary Flames, his sportsmanship and integrity have set the tone for his teammates.

A recent game against Montreal demonstrated Giordano's admirable character in action.

Giordano Made a Nice Gesture Towards Suzuki

During the game, Nick Suzuki found himself on the receiving end of a massive hit from Giordano. The collision was so brutal that Suzuki's stick went flying. But rather than continuing with the play or ignoring his opponent, Giordano showed his true colors.

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As both players got back on their skates, Giordano retrieved Suzuki's stick and handed it back to him.

Such gestures are rare in the NHL, where competitive spirit often takes precedence over courtesy. In fact, it's not uncommon to see players toss an opponent's stick away during a game.

Giordano's actions reveal his true nature as a responsible and considerate defenseman. He consistently maintains his position on the ice and upholds a high standard of conduct. His treatment of Suzuki is a proof to the kind of player he is.

Do you think he'll do the same come playoff time?

As reported on Hockey Patrol - Giordano Helps Out Opponent in Latest Proof of His Great Sportsmanship
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