Vegas Golden Knights Under Fire For Possible Cheating

Published April 11, 2023 at 12:18
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In recent playoff seasons, we've witnessed teams creatively leveraging the Salary Cap to bring back injured players when it matters most.

A prime example of this is Nikita Kucherov's activation during the 2021 playoffs. His return sent the Lightning soaring millions over the cap.

This strategic move drew criticism from various corners, and while teams are technically allowed to do so, the Bolts faced allegations of cheating from all directions.

Now, it appears another team is poised to exploit this same loophole to activate one of their injured stars.

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Vegas Golden Knights Under Fire for Alleged Salary Cap Circumvention

Earlier today, Knights' captain Mark Stone was spotted on the ice for the first time since landing on the Long-Term Injured Reserve (LTIR).

Many are raising eyebrows at the timing of his return.

While there's no doubt that Stone's injury was genuine, it's hard to ignore the convenient timing for the Knights.

If Stone rejoins the lineup, Vegas will find themselves above the cap.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman previously stated that teams would be closely scrutinized regarding such matters this season.

We can expect to hear more on this topic if the league uncovers anything suspicious in the coming days.

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