Major Development in Kyle Dubas' Case

Published May 26, 2023 at 12:19

Major Development in Kyle Dubas' Case

Ever since the Toronto Maple Leafs announced that their paths and Kyle Dubas' were diverging, speculation about Dubas' future has been everywhere on social medias.

A recent revelation seems to imply that the Leafs might have dropped the ball when they let Dubas go. Is it true?

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Dubas isn't just competent, he's got a knack for the game that makes him a coveted asset for any team on the hunt for a fresh GM.

It seems that the Pittsburgh Penguins might be those lucky folks.

Dubas to Work in Pittsburgh?

After being spotted with Sidney Crosby at the Penguins' training ground, speculation has reached fever pitch. Is Dubas headed to Pittsburgh?

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Renowned reporter Chris Johnston stirred up the pot further with his recent commentary:

"I've picked up some whispers from those on the periphery, suggesting Dubas' move to Pittsburgh is almost a done deal – around 98% certain. Personally, I can't confidently put a number to it, but it does seem the winds are blowing in that direction."

When Dubas said he was stepping back to focus on family time, none of us saw a new role surfacing so quickly.

BREAKING: KYLE DUBAS Finally Releases a Statement on His Departure From Toronto

There's no doubt Dubas possesses the skills and vision to reignite the Penguins, steering them back onto the road to success.

We'll keep you updated.

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Major Development in Kyle Dubas' Case

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