Stories Regarding Kyle Dubas's Time as General Manager Are Starting to Emerge

Joe El-Khoury
May 26, 2023  (10:35)

The previous season was a tumultuous time for Kyle Dubas, shadowed by rumors and speculation about his future with the team. Nevertheless, he kept his eye on the ball, ensuring the team's success was the priority, even amidst whispers of his imminent departure.

During his tenure at the helm of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Dubas consistently silenced the naysayers. Time and again, he executed moves that left even his harshest critics nodding in approval.
Dubas showed his trading prowess at the deadline and it was a testament to his readiness to pull out all the stops to bolster his team.
Dubas, with his proven track record and ability to foster a positive work environment, could continue to make waves in the NHL if he so chooses. His successful tenure in Toronto, a city where the pressure can be overwhelming, is proof of his resilience. Ready and able to take on any challenge, his departure will leave Shanahan ruing his loss.
Yet, amidst all these strategic maneuvers, Dubas's character shone through in a quiet act of kindness that flew under the radar. Now, as he steps away from his role, these untold stories are beginning to surface, offering a glimpse into the true essence of the man behind the GM title.
As he bid farewell, he left a lasting mark by offering one-, two-, or even three-year contracts to some of the team's staff, many of whom he had personally brought on board during his five-year stint as General Manager.
This story was reported by Jonas Siegel from The Athletic, who brought to light one particularly poignant moment.
When one staff member hesitated to accept his contract offer, citing apprehensions about the turbulent season, Dubas stepped up. He gently insisted saying:
"Take the security, protect your family."

In doing so, he not only offered financial stability to his staff but also demonstrated his personal commitment to their well-being.
While the grand strategic decisions undoubtedly play a vital role, it's these quiet acts of compassion that reveal the true nature of a leader. Dubas stood out as a genuinely kind soul who cared for his staff, even while keeping the team's needs at the forefront.