Coyotes Players Voice Discontent, Initiate Action Against Team Management

Published May 25, 2023 at 5:04 PM

A Troubled Scenario for the Coyotes

Imagine the Montreal Canadiens having trouble attracting free agents, then consider the dire situation of the Coyotes. In recent years, the perception has grown that free agents have been avoiding Montreal, but the circumstances for the Coyotes paint an even grimmer picture.

The Harrowing State of Affairs

The Coyotes currently don't have a permanent location and play their games in a local arena. Moreover, their payroll is bloated with contracts for players past their prime. Evidently, the team is grappling with numerous issues and desperately needs a turnaround.

New Revelations Add to the Misery

As if the existing situation wasn't troubling enough, recent revelations from Larry Brooks suggest that the Coyotes' predicament is much worse than previously known. Players have started voicing their concerns and lodging complaints.

The Unfortunate Treatment of Players

The players' treatment within the Coyotes organization is far from ideal. They not only lack a proper NHL arena, but they're also being undermined in every aspect in comparison to other league clubs.

Bettman's Unyielding Stance

Despite the Coyotes being in an unenviable position, Commissioner Gary Bettman remains adamant about keeping the team in Arizona. The persistence is truly astounding, considering the dire state of the club.

As Read on HockeyLatest - The Coyotes players have had enough and are now taking action against the team.
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Coyotes Players Voice Discontent, Initiate Action Against Team Management

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