Matthews May Have Gotten Dubas In Trouble

Published May 25, 2023 at 7:29 PM

Auston Matthews finds himself at the center of the Kyle Dubas controversy.

Matthews May Have Gotten Dubas In Trouble

Kyle Dubas was fired last week and since then a lot has gone down. Most recently, it was announced that the NHLPA would be launching and investigation into Kyle Dubas for potential alternative motives.

If the investigation finds Dubas had alternative motives, he will likely be black listed from the industry. However if he is innocent, he will certainly have a home before the draft, most likely in Pittsburgh.

This investigation is whether or not Dubas had alternative motives as the Leafs GM because his agent and Auston Matthews' agent work for the same agency.

There could be alternative motives because Matthews signed an expensive contract that took him right to unrestricted free agency where he will likely get even more of a pay raise.

On the other hand, Dubas' and Matthews' agents are in different departments with Dubas' agent not even being NHLPA certified which should eliminate the suspicion.

At the end of the day, this is a serious investigation which could lead to league altering moves if Dubas is found guilty of having alternative motives.
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Matthews May Have Gotten Dubas In Trouble

Did Dubas give Matthews a contract that walked him straight to free agency for his own benefit?

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