Kyle Dubas Set to Rectify Matt Murray Situation in Any Way Possible

Published April 6, 2023 at 3:19 PM
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Matt Murray's performance has fallen short of expectations for Leafs fans. Since March, not only has his play been underwhelming, but he has also struggled with injuries.

Murray Potentially on the Chopping Block in the Off-Season

According to Sportsnet's Luke Fox, the Leafs may consider parting ways with Matt Murray in the off-season, either through a trade or a buyout.

"Indeed, if the Petr Mrazek episode has taught us anything, it's that the Maple Leafs won't hesitate to fix a mistake—even when it involves injury-prone goaltenders.

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First, let's see how the goalies perform in the spring, but there will definitely be options.

Murray could be traded to a team seeking to reach the cap floor or bought out at a reasonable price. Since the Ottawa Senators share the financial burden, a Murray buyout would cost the Leafs $687,500 against their cap in 2023-24 and $2 million in 2024-25, when the ceiling is expected to increase. Ilya Samsonov is a restricted free agent, and his performance in the first round against Tampa will no doubt influence his upcoming salary increase—whether that's with the Leafs or another team."

The Leafs only had Petr Mrazek on their roster for a single season before trading down in the draft and sending him to Chicago. Murray could face a similar fate, particularly with Ilya Samsonov due for a significant raise.

The real question remains: Will Kyle Dubas attempt to rectify his tough off-season choice?

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