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Kyle Dubas Opens Up About His Past Mistakes in Toronto

Published June 15, 2023 at 11:06

Dubas' Highs and Lows

While he was in charge of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Kyle Dubas did some good things. But not everything he did was a hit, he made a number of mistakes too. Now that he isn't in Toronto anymore, Dubas decided to talk about these past errors in a heartfelt speech.

Learning From Failing

Last night, Dubas went back to his old school, Brock University, to take part in their graduation ceremony, where they gave him an honorary degree.

His acceptance speech started like this:

"On May 19th, I lost my job as the General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs... It was the first time I've ever been fired. As Dr. Riggs put it, we learn from failing, and I had plenty of that when I was with the Leafs."

Seeing someone take responsibility like this is very refreshing. Let's hope that Dubas has learned from his past and will use this experience in his new role with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Kyle Dubas Finally Admits to His Mistakes During His Time With the Maple Leafs
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Kyle Dubas Opens Up About His Past Mistakes in Toronto

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