Alex Pietrangelo's Shocks The World And Drops A Major Hint On Retirement

Published June 15, 2023 at 9:57
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Last night, the Vegas Golden Knights' heart and soul, Alex Pietrangelo, etched his name on the Stanley Cup for the second time.

Amidst the euphoria of the victory, he revealed a poignant personal saga intertwined with thoughts of early retirement.

When the confetti settled post his Stanley Cup triumph, Pietrangelo unravelled an intensely personal narrative.

He had been on the precipice of retirement just half a year ago, triggered by a severe health scare involving his little daughter. The crisis had left her incapable of performing basic functions like eating, walking, or even speaking.

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The sight of Pietrangelo hoisting the coveted cup high above his head was truly heartwarming, made more special by the presence of his 4-year-old daughter in the stands. The man who nearly hung up his skates for good half a year ago was sharing this triumph with the very reason he considered walking away.

"This is the most surreal moment of my life. To have her here in my arms, celebrating Daddy's Stanley Cup win, just to celebrate anything"

Anyone would empathize with Pietrangelo's desire to step away from the rink and dedicate every waking moment to his ailing family member.

While we all now know the path he eventually chose, with a second Stanley Cup to his name, speculations of retirement might just resurface.

It brings us immense joy to share that Evelyn Pietrangelo is now on the road to recovery, cheerfully watching her dad's magnificent achievement for a second time.

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