Insider Reveals Key Information on How Matthews is Planning to Help the Leafs Win

Published June 28, 2023 at 8:49
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Matthews' Contract Expectations

Rumors circulating in the hockey world suggest that Auston Matthews is likely to receive a record-breaking salary of around $13 million, which would be the highest ever in the NHL. Considering Matthews' exceptional skills, this seems appropriate.

During an interview on SN590, NHL insider Frank Seravalli revealed what Matthews is looking for in his upcoming contract with the Leafs.

His next contract is not about setting a record, it's not about getting 4x$15M.

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He wants to win and he needs to find a spot that pays him appropriately and gives the Leafs room to go out and make moves.

Toronto or Somewhere Else...


A $15 million salary cap hit would be unprecedented for NHL teams. Matthews could easily secure such a huge paycheck if he were to enter the open market. However, he is willing to accept about $2 million less per year as a demonstration of his dedication to achieving success with the Leafs.

Matthews is careful not to make the same mistake as Connor McDavid, who signed a massive contract too soon and ended up earning less overall as other top-tier players received even larger deals.

There is no doubt that Auston Matthews will become the highest-paid player in the NHL next year, a title he truly deserves. However, it will not be an excessive compensation. Instead, it will be a sensible contract that reflects his value as a player.

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