Brad Treliving Gives an Update on Nylander and Matthews Contract Talks

Published June 27, 2023 at 10:23 PM
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Future of Leafs' Superstars: An Insight by GM Brad Treliving

The General Manager of Leafs, Brad Treliving, recently provided an update on the future of the club's star players - William Nylander and Auston Matthews - during a media interaction.

Intentions to Retain Star Players: Matthews and Nylander

In the discussion, Treliving expressed his intention to retain both the integral members of the core four for the upcoming season. An extension of their contracts is on the cards unless something unforeseen occurs.

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This is certainly good news for Leafs' fans as they can be reassured that the team's strategy involves keeping both stars.

Nylander, after a successful 87-point season, is expected to build further on this, while Matthews would be focusing on improving upon his 85-point record.


The situation with Matthews seems clear as he is likely to be offered an extension. However, the situation is a bit complex when it comes to Nylander. His demand for a pay hike to $9 million could become a potential deal-breaker.


In case of no agreement, we might see Nylander moving to a team that is willing to meet his high demands.

GM Treliving's Approach: Lessons from Past Experiences

It's interesting to note that Nylander's agent is the same as that of Johnny Gaudreau. In the previous offseason, Gaudreau's contract situation left the Flames in a difficult position.

Treliving, learning from this past experience, has expressed his determination to avoid a similar situation.

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