Friedman Reveals the Leafs Two Remaining Options For Matt Murray

Published July 19, 2023 at 9:14
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Friedman Reveals the Plan for Murray


Elliotte Friedman, a trusted source for hockey fans, has shared some inside information about the Maple Leafs' strategy for their goaltender, Matt Murray.

According to Friedman, Matt Murray's current health condition makes it difficult to trade him. The two main options being considered are placing him on LTIR or buying out his contract.

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The Best Option

You might be wondering, what's the best decision for the Leafs? It seems that sending Matt Murray to LTIR is the preferable choice. This term was coined after Stephane Robidas ended up on LTIR and never played another NHL game with the Leafs. We could all this LTIRetirement.

Putting Murray on LTIR has two advantages that a buyout cannot offer. First, it relieves the Leafs from any financial obligations related to Murray's salary cap, effectively eliminating his impact on the team's financial flexibility. A buyout wouldn't achieve the same result.

Secondly, choosing LTIR ensures that any consequences are limited to this year. If the Leafs go with LTIR, they won't have to worry about a buyout penalty next year. Moreover, they have the opportunity to keep Murray on LTIR for the entire season. If the team faces a shortage of goalies during the playoffs, they can bring him back into the lineup.

However, if Murray's health improves, the Leafs might have to consider a buyout as a last resort.

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