Ex-Leaf Player Calls Out Mitch Marner, Saying He's Soft

Elliot Ben Jacob
June 24, 2023  (10:07)

Mitch Marner's Future with the Leafs - A Decision to be Made

The Toronto Maple Leafs have found themselves at a crossroads during this offseason, where the fate of Mitch Marner stands as one of the most critical decisions they need to make.
Marner's retention in the team would mean a commitment of nearly $11 million per annum until his contract expires.

Ex-Leafs Player Rosehill Targets Marner

Jay Rosehill, a former Toronto Maple Leafs player, didn't mince words while speaking about Marner on a recent episode of the Leafs' Morning Take podcast.
In a sharp criticism, Rosehill stated:
"For what you can get for Mitch Marner [in a trade]... he's so soft. I don't even know if he can pick up the Stanley Cup. I just don't think he can take you to the promised land. You see how beaten up the Panthers were at the end of the Finals - that's what it takes... I just fear that every single time, Marner is going to fall off because he wasn't willing to go to war. He's just a fresh-faced, nice kid who likes to do toe drags...

The rest of the quote can be read in the tweet.
Rosehill was obviously very blunt about his sentiments regarding Marner. Whether his perspective on Marner aligns with that of the wider fanbase or not, his arguments seem to hold some weight.

Who Might Leave the Leafs?

Despite holding a contractual advantage over his fellow 'Core Four' members, Auston Matthews and William Nylander, Marner might still find himself to be the first one to be let go.
Matthews and Nylander have continually demonstrated their value in the playoffs, whereas Marner's performance has been lacking, falling short of expectations consistently.
A potential Mitch Marner trade could be on the horizon and would definitely be a strategic move which would allow the Leafs to alleviate some financial pressure, granting them more cap space.
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