Dubas' Dismissal Exposed: Friedman Exposes Tension with Shanahan

Published May 22, 2023 at 8:04 PM

Shanahan-Dubas Rivalry Culminates in Dubas' Ouster

The dismissal of Kyle Dubas has stirred up quite a buzz, with reports indicating that his attempt to bypass Brendan Shanahan may have precipitated his departure. This came to light amidst the long-standing tension between the two.

Tensions Between Dubas and Shanahan

Kyle Dubas and Brendan Shanahan had been entangled in a strained relationship, with Shanahan vetoing trade deals Dubas was keen to finalize. This friction escalated during their contract negotiations.

Dubas' Desire for More Direct Communication with Leafs' Owners

Dubas wanted to communicate with Leaf's' ownership directly during negotiations regarding trade deals and such. Dubas' communication proposal would remove the need for shanahan all together who was acting as an intermediary of sorts.

Elliotte Friedman's Insights on the Dubas-Shanahan Dynamic

Elliotte Friedman, on the 32 Thoughts podcast, shared some insights about the internal dynamics:

‘'Dubas felt that the current reporting system was ineffective.
The structure was such that it went from Dubas to Shanahan, then the Board considered it.
It then returned to Shanahan before going back to Dubas.
Dubas' initial intention was to sideline Shanahan and report directly»

‘'Dubas was of the opinion that things were not moving swiftly enough.
He felt that due to the way the reports were handled, things weren't going to get done.
Dubas feared information leaks.
He was concerned that decisions couldn't be made quickly enough.
That was his proposal»

This proposition, however, did not sit well with the stakeholders involved.

The Implication of Dubas' Attempt to Eliminate Shanahan

The revelation that Dubas tried to exclude Shanahan from the process with the intention of streamlining operations is significant. This could potentially counter Shanahan's claim that Dubas lacked commitment for the Leafs.

Was Dubas' Commitment Misunderstood?

It's obvious that Dubas was fully committed to the Leafs, but just because he was committed to the team, doesn't mean he had to be loyal to Shanahan himself. It wouldn't be the craziest thing to assume that Shanahan terminated Dubas over something so petty, given what we know about Shanahan as a person.

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Dubas' Dismissal Exposed: Friedman Exposes Tension with Shanahan

If Shanahan really did fire Dubas over Dubas' attempt to streamline communication, should Shanahan also be terminated?

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