Toronto Left Disappointed as GMs Show Little Interest in latest revelation

Published May 22, 2023 at 1:21 PM

The quest to find the new General Manager for the Maple Leafs has officially begun, and it's President Brendan Shanahan who's in the hot seat. He's drafted a precise checklist of what he wants in the new GM and he found a select group of candidates who fulfill this wish list.

Are the Prospects Really Interested?

The million-dollar question is whether his chosen candidates even are interested.

On his podcast, insider Elliotte Friedman revealed that Shanahan might have underestimated the difficulty of enticing the right people for the job.

''He also says guys like George McPhee and Doug Armstrong aren't coming to Toronto with its current structure (i.e. Shanahan above them)''

He might need to reevaluate his criterias for the position.

Could Shanahan's Remarks Be the Root Cause?

Adding fuel to the fire, Friedman drops another bombshell. Apparently, several GMs whom Shanahan has on his radar are hesitant about heading to Toronto, all due to comments made by Shanahan himself during a press conference.

Accusations are flying that he hung his previous GM, Kyle Dubas, out to dry, and that hasn't sat well with his prospects.

With a few experienced GMs uninterested by the opportunity to step in and steer the Maple Leafs back on track, one can't help but wonder if Shanahan might be the cause of the problems in the organization.

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Toronto Left Disappointed as GMs Show Little Interest in latest revelation

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