Betting Odds about Toronto's next Coach are Revealed and Fans are Furious

Published May 22, 2023 at 11:21

Betting Odds for Toronto's Next Coach Revealed: Fans Are Furious

Everyone is eager to see what will happen this summer in the Maple Leafs organization. After confirmation that Kyle Dubas won't return as GM, numerous other changes are anticipated. Questions are swirling around the future of head coach Sheldon Keefe, and many speculations about his dismissal are circulating.

Bookmakers have already opened bets on who might potentially replace Keefe.

Who Is the Top Contender?

The list includes a range of qualified candidates. Yet, the name at the top, accompanied by the shortest odds, is causing considerable concern: Joel Quenneville.

Quenneville's coaching record is impressive; he led the Chicago Blackhawks to three Stanley Cup victories during the 2010s. However, his involvement in the Kyle Beach scandal has tarnished his reputation.

Kyle Beach, a former player, was sexually assaulted by assistant coach Brad Aldrich. Despite Beach's attempts to alert the team and Quenneville about the incident, no action was taken.

Quenneville's involvement in the scandal could ultimately result in a permanent ban from the NHL. The possibility that the Leafs might overlook these concerns in their pursuit of victory deeply unsettles many within the hockey community.

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Betting Odds about Toronto's next Coach are Revealed and Fans are Furious

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