Brad Treliving is Reportedly Looking to Add an Extra 1st Round Pick or Move Up in This Year's Draft

Julien Trekker
June 12, 2023  (11:07)

Toronto Wants to Move up the Draft of Get New Picks

As the NHL Draft gets closer, there are rumors about what the Toronto Maple Leafs might do. Will they be happy with their current position or will they try to trade for a better one?
The Maple Leafs have been talking to several prospects during the Draft Combine. Some of the top prospects they might talk to include Colby Barlow, Brayden Yager, and Axel Sandin-Pellikka.
Colby Barlow is ranked as the 12th best skater in North America by NHL Central Scouting and could be picked early in the draft. He's been ranked 8th by Bob McKenzie, 10th by Craig Button & 9th by Sportsnet.
Brayden Yager is also on the Leafs' radar. He is another top prospect who could be picked early. Central Scouting ranks him 11th among North Americans. The Leafs have already started discussions with him.
Both Yager and Barlow are highly regarded forward prospects who could have a big impact. Yager can play as a center or on the wing, and Barlow is a talented goal scorer with good size. If they are available when the Leafs pick 28th, it would be a pleasant surprise for the fans.
The Leafs have also been in contact with Swedish defenseman Axel Sandin-Pellikka, who is expected to be a top pick in the first round, and Gabriel Perreault. Perreault broke the record for most points by a draft-eligible player in the USNTDP, surpassing the expected top 5 pick Will Smith by five points.

Trading the Core Four?

There are rumors about the Leafs considering a big move involving their top four offensive players - Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, William Nylander, and John Tavares. Trading one of them could help the Leafs secure a high pick. However, none of the prospects the Leafs are talking to are projected to be in the top 5 picks.
Former Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas received criticism for favoring smaller, skilled players over bigger, more physical players. Despite the criticism, the Leafs have had success under Dubas, with strong players entering the system and some becoming NHLers or top prospects.
It's not unusual for teams to talk to players who might be drafted later than expected. It's smart to explore all options. The Leafs are doing their homework and considering all potential draft picks.
The Leafs have also interacted or plan to interact with Quentin Musty, who led all OHL draft-eligible players in points per game, Kasper Halttunen, a highly regarded Finnish player, Tom Willander, a smart Swedish defenseman, Bradly Nadeau, a small yet agile forward with a strong season, and Oliver Bonk, the son of former NHL player Radek Bonk.