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The Strategic Direction the Maple Leafs are Pursuing with Mitch Marner

Published June 12, 2023 at 10:51

Is the Core Four to Witness a Trade?

The social media landscape is abuzz with conjecture regarding a potential trade involving one of the members of the Core Four.

The failure of the Leafs to secure a victory in the playoffs, coupled with Brad Treliving's recent assumption of office, has stirred up expectations of significant shifts on the horizon.

Marner's Future in Toronto Seems Secure

Kevin Kurz, in a piece published in The Athletic, lends some intriguing perspectives to the ongoing speculations.

His words were:

"You can never predict if another team will pick up the phone and make the kind of offer a GM never saw coming, but let's put it this way: Treliving isn't bringing Marner's name up with teams."

The tweet can be found here:

The inclination of Treliving to consider superior offers is notable, but it is equally comforting to learn that Marner's trade seems unlikely.

The probability of a Marner trade appears slim due to the enormity of his contract and his indisputable talent. The pool of players boasting equivalent talent is simply not large.

Future of the Core Four Still Uncertain

Treliving's decision to potentially trade another member of the Core Four is still unknown, but one thing is clear, nobody is really safe from being traded right now.

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The Strategic Direction the Maple Leafs are Pursuing with Mitch Marner

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