BREAKING: Bruins Seriously Considering Franchise Altering Trade

Wade Messier
June 11, 2023  (8:46 PM)

It's about to be a wild off-season for the Boston Bruins, and if the stars align just right, it could get a whole lot crazier. With some massive decisions to be made regarding Boston's aging core, it could be a summer to remember for Bruins fans.

Uncertainty Around Bergeron Still There

As many of you know, Patrice Bergeron returned to the Bruins this season on a one-year contract, that we he could leave the door open for retirement this summer if he wanted to call it a career. As we rapidly approach free agency, Bergeron has still yet to make a decision regarding his future, which is terrible news for Boston.
The Big Bad Bruins' plans heavily rely on Bergeron's decision. If he decides to give it another year, Boston will likely continue to add "win now" pieces to try and get him one more cup. However, if Bergeron decides that he's satisfied with his career, Boston could just as easily transition into a rebuild.
All of these variables are something the Bruins' upper management would like to avoid, but Bergeron's indecision is preventing them from committing to a direction.

Domino Effect

When one domino falls, more usually follow suit. That would be exactly the case if Bergeron does decide to retire this summer. With Boston almost certainly heading towards a rebuild when Bergeron calls it a career, other major pieces of their aging core are likely to be moved out.
Brad Marchand is the top candidate for a trade once Boston starts their rebuild, and his potential trade was recently a topic of conversation on The Skate Pod. The podcast members discussed how Bergeron's retirement will affect the ultimate franchise outlook of the Bruins, and that once Bergon goes, Marchand is likely next.

While Boston could hold onto Marchand in a post-Bergeron era, it would be wise of them to gain as much value back as possible in a Marchand trade. That means trading him as soon as possible, so get ready for a hectic off-season!