Another Controversial Reffing Decision Has Been Made in Toronto

Published April 20, 2023 at 6:03 PM
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Leafs Fans Brace for Disappointment

Toronto Maple Leafs fans were already feeling uneasy when they learned that Wes McCauley was slated to officiate the opening game of their first-round playoff series against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The reason? They suspect McCauley harbors a bias against their team due to his connection with Leafs' head coach, Sheldon Keefe.

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Since 2017, The Leafs did not win a single game in the playoffs with Wes McCauley as referee.

The root of the alleged bias dates back to 2008 when Keefe testified against McCauley's brother-in-law, David Frost, in an abuse trial.

A Troubling Replacement

Following a flurry of complaints regarding McCauley's officiating, the NHL decided to assign new referees for Game 2. This should have been a releave for Leaf's fans but sadly this change might not favor them at all.

NHL chose referee Eric Furlatt as McCauley replacement.
Leafs fans aren't exactly thrilled with the NHL's choice of replacement either. In fact, Eric Furlatt is also believed to hold a bias against the team.

Last year, during the playoffs, Furlatt penalized Justin Holl, subsequently disallowing John Tavares' Game 7 goal against the Lightning.

With Game 2 of the series scheduled to start at 7:00 PM tonight, Leafs fans are holding their breath and hoping for a fair shake on the ice.

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