Matthew Tkachuk Takes Things too Far and Breaks the Hockey Code

Published April 20, 2023 at 11:16
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Matthew Tkachuk, notorious for his tough demeanor on the ice, frequently engages in fights and never shies away from provoking his opponents. However, he crossed the line during yesterday's game against Boston, violating the unwritten rules of hockey.

After a dangerous hit sent Eric Staal to the infirmary, an angry Tkachuk let his emotions get the best of him. Although a rarity in hockey, it's playoff season after all!

Matthew Tkachuk Takes Things too Far and Breaks the Hockey Code.

Tkachuk had this to say about Nosek's wife :

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"She's a f**ing whre!"

The heated exchange can be heard in the video below:

As the series continues, the intensity is only expected to go up.

Surpassing the drama of last night's game will be challenging, especially considering the refs were forced to call an early end to the match.

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As seen on Hockey Patrol - Tkachuk Chirps Bruins' Player and Breaks Hockey Code
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