Nazem Kadri takes a shot at TSN after comparison to Michael Bunting

Published April 19, 2023 at 9:22 PM
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This year, the Flames didn't make it to the playoffs, leaving Nazem Kadri with some unexpected free time. Kadri has been taking advantage of this time by engaging with fans and media on Twitter, even responding to TSN when they drew a comparison between him and Michael Bunting.

Bunting recently received a three-game suspension for his dangerous hit on Erik Cernak.

In their coverage of the incident, TSN made an interesting comparison, suggesting that Bunting's actions were reminiscent of Kadri's past behavior :

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"Shades of Nazem Kadri @HayesTSN talks about the Leafs' difficult start, the impact of Bunting's match penalty for targeting Cernak's head, and Ilya Samsonov's unsettling performance."

Kadri takes a shot at TSN after comparison to Bunting.

Kadri wasn't thrilled with the comparison and let TSN know with a reply :

"Y'all gotta leave me outta this one 😂 come on man !"

Given the similarities between incidents involving Bunting and Kadri, do you think it's fair to compare the two players directly?
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