Jon Cooper Puts Out Incredible Quote Following Game One

Published April 19, 2023 at 6:26 PM
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Game one of the Leafs vs the Lightning is in the books, with the latter winning quite easily. It was quite a surprise the Leafs got manhandled the way they did, given their record this season and their status as favorites going into the series.

But, a slow start right out of the gate and penalty trouble cost them the game.

Jon Cooper's Interesting Comment's After the Game

Jon Cooper has been known for his ability to play mind games with his opponents when answering questions from the media. This may or may not be mind games, but the quote is still interesting.

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Even after beating the Leafs pretty easily, Cooper tells the media his Lightning might lose the series. It's pretty unusual for a coach to say something like that, especially since they just destroyed their playoff rival.

It's very possible the Leafs still win the series, since it's only game one. For that to happen though, the Leafs will need to play much better.
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