BREAKING: Michael Bunting Suspended by the NHL For Malicious Hit On Erik Cernak

Published April 19, 2023 at 6:41 PM
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The NHL has reached its decision on Michael Bunting's dangerous hit on Erik Cernak from game one of the quarter finals. The verdict is a punch in the gut for Maple Leafs fans.

Bunting Suspended Three Games

In a massive show of authority by the Department of Player Safety, the NHL has suspended Leafs forward Michael Bunting for a whopping three games. This is certainly the last thing that Leafs fans want to hear right now after last night's embarrassing loss to Tampa.

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This means that if the Leafs were to get swept by Tampa Bay, and lose the next three games, Bunting would not play another game for the entire series. Certainly not the news some fans hoped to hear.

We'll have to wait until tomorrow to see how the Leafs respond to losing their grittiest player. Maybe they'll come out with a fire underneath them, or maybe they'll crumple.

As Seen on Markerzone - BREAKING: Bunting Receives Suspension For Dangerous Hit
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