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Analyst Predicts Next Contract for Matthews

Published July 22, 2023 at 3:24 PM

It's no doubt that the number one focus for Brad Treliving is re-signing Auston Matthews. Though it is still early in that process, time is of the essence for contracts of this level.

A Hockey News Analyst has come up with an interesting way of determining a potential contract that Matthews might accept using NHL 23's Franchise Mode.

In a recently shared video, Matthews accepts a value of $13 million in the simulation.

"We were able to extend Matthews' contract with a four-year deal at $13M per season. Obviously, in real-life NHL, with the salary cap going up at the end of next season, maybe he's going to be asking for more. Time will tell what happens."

Good News for Leaf Hopefuls

While this is by no means scientific, it might provide some Leaf fans with a sense of relief, as many would consider a deal of $13 million good value compared to other rumoured contracts.

However, the simulation doesn't account for extenuating factors, such as the fact that the Salary Cap will be raised next year. With still 1 year left on his contract, Matthews has the option to wait and see just how much more money the Leafs might have to give him.

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Analyst Predicts Next Contract for Matthews

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