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Analyst Claims Keefe Still on Thin Ice

Published July 22, 2023 at 12:48

While Sheldon Keefe was one of the few to remain with the Leafs' organization after significant changes to staff this offseason, he may still be on thin ice.

Pressure on for Keefe

Brad Treliving has reassured the media that Sheldon Keefe would be manning the bench for the entirety of next season, but some NHL analysts aren't buying it.

The pressure is undoubtedly on for Keefe to perform this season. As the leader of the bench staff and one of the few remaining pieces from the Kyle Dubas era, a slow start to the season could spell his end with the Leafs.

Not Surprising

It wouldn't be the first time a new GM went back on his word regarding coaching changes. When Kent Hughes started as GM with the Montreal Canadiens, he assured fans that head coach Dom Ducharme would be at the helm for the entire season. Ducharme was swiftly removed that January after a slow start from the team.


With his two new solid hires flanking Keefe on the bench, we might see Treliving be quick to the trigger this year in removing Keefe if things don't go the way he likes.

As read on Hockey Patrol - "Analyst Makes an Eye-Opening Claim Regarding Sheldon Keefe"
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Analyst Claims Keefe Still on Thin Ice

Will Keefe make it to Christmas as the Leafs' Head Coach?

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