Jeremy Roenick Destroys Pierre-Luc Dubois in Latest Unfiltered Rant

Published July 21, 2023 at 7:55 PM
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In the past two years, Pierre-Luc Dubois has requested two trades, firstly from the Columbus Blue Jackets and then from the Winnipeg Jets, and it appears his antics are rubbing some the wrong way.

Latest move to Los Angeles


Despite a relatively successful stint in Winnipeg, Dubois once again wanted out, and was granted that this off-season when he was officially traded to the Kings in exchange for several young pieces.

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One legend has called him out however in an unfiltered rant that has been circulating online, as Jeremy Roenick pulls absolutely no punches going after the Quebec native.

Jeremy Roenick's latest rant

Unsurprisingly, Roenick doesn't hold back here, saying that Dubois has been a big baby since entering the NHL, claiming that he hasn't found any consistency due to the whining and crying about who he plays for.

After the Kings gave up so much to get him, now is the time for Dubois to prove he has been worth all the drama, because if not, Roenick may be proven to be among the many people that are right with their criticism of PLD.

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